Q-Mail version 3.0 released

17 March 2021
  • Q-Mail face up screen designs have been renewed.
  • The feature that Q-Mail runs on a separate server other than the Qlik Sense server is now supported (provided that it is in the same domain).
  • Section Access support has been provided.
  • The alert feature has been improved. (Based on the master measure value)
  • The ability to limit the privileges of users added to Q-Mail is now supported.
  • It is now supported that users can combine report file types as they wish in the Jobs section.
  • The ability to send reports with multiple filters is now supported.
  • Filter Panel has been improved. Thus, if the same filter set will be used in more than one report, this filter panel can be used within the report instead of recreating the filters.
  • On App Reload and On After Task Execution have been added as Task Triggers.
  • The option that the tasks runs in parallel has been added.
  • If the plain table in Qlik Sense has background color and text color, it is now supported that HTML table, excel, pdf table are sent accordingly.
  • If the created report is filtered or unfiltered, downloading and previewing according to the selected file type is now supported. (Cannot be used if the report is of filter and mail type).
  • Transferring created reports to FTP, SFTP server is now supported.
  • Performing Q-Mail update operation by the users is now supported.
  • Emailing the data of non-table objects as excel, pdf and html tables is now supported.
  • The feature of capturing scroll pages as a single image is now supported.
  • Printing many reports as different pages in a single Excel is now supported.
  • XML and JSON file types are supported. (For plain tables only)
  • The feature to take object-based photos is now supported.
  • It has been ensured that, if dynamic title is created on Qlik Sense (eg: According to the filter value), the file name of the mailed report can also be sent under this name.
  • The feature of showing filtered reports and filter values in mail body is now supported.
  • It is now supported to print the values of the variables in Qlik Sense into the mail body. The feature to send the Qlik Sense link of the report object in the mail body is now supported.
  • The demo tour feature has been developed to provide ease of use to users.
  • The feature to send a notification e-mail to the users in admin group when the Qlik Sense engine service is stopped is now supported.
  • The feature to show the appearance of the selected object in the object selection on Qlik Sense while creating the report is now supported. (optional)

    Object preview prerequisites;

    • Assigning a separate Qlik Sense user when creating Qlik Connection.
    • Using the Firefox browser.
  • The feature to transfer e-mail addresses from excel into the system is now supported.
  • The feature to deactivate tasks without deleting them is now supported.
  • The graphic interface that displays the number of tasks to be run during the day has been developed.
  • The feature to check the correctness of Qlik Connection and Smtp settings is now supported.
  • Importing recipient e-mail addresses from excel while creating a job is now supported.